The Supermarket Of Choice



The Yau Brothers story starts with an entrepreneurial individual who came from Hong Kong to the UK. After working as a waiter in a Chinese restaurant, Raymond Yau established his own takeaway in Southampton - and began growing bean sprouts in the basement.
As the beans sprouted, so did the business. Raymond started selling his bean sprouts to local restaurants - and he soon switched the takeaway for a shop selling oriental ingredients Decades later, and the store is somewhat bigger - aisle upon aisle of the best ingredients in the business.

You can find everything you need to make authentic meals or to try something new. As well as stocking standard items, we also stock:

  • Fresh and chilled Produce (Including vegetables)
  • Frozen foods such as Dim-Sum
  • Cookware and other home items (from rice cookers to spatulas)
  • Bulk items
Our staff are always happy to assist with any queries. 


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