Contactless payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay ?!

Contactless payments are a great way to save time

Maybe you already use them in shops by holding your card or phone over the card machine when it’s time to pay. It’s a lot quicker than typing in your PIN and means you can avoid contact with someone.

  At the moment; everyone has to be careful. Limiting our interactions with others and taking steps to reduce infection. Contactless payments are a great way to contribute to minimising contact with others.

You can already use contactless payments in our store – by card or smartphone. You can also use your smartphone to pay quickly when using our site!

  • Set up Apple Pay / Google Pay according to instructions. (Click here for Apple and Click here for Android)
  • Browse our website on your phone and use it as you normally would.
  • On the checkout page, you will notice a button above “pay by card”
  • Follow the payment instructions

It’s an easy way to save you time, and helps stop the spread of infection!