Dragon Boat Festival

It's nearly time for the dragon boat festival!

Dragon boat festival, otherwise known as 端午节[duān wǔ jié] is a traditional festival in China that has been carried out for over 2000 years!

The day commemorates the death of a great Chinese poet - Qu Yuan, who drowned after he was exiled by the king. 
People in China pay their respects each year by racing dragon boats and eating special bamboo rice parcels called Zongzi.

Heres a great video to explain!


  • They are made of sticky rice, meat, vegetables and then wrapped in bamboo leaves
  • They are steamed to cook them
  • They are sometimes known as rice dumplings, the filling depends on who is making them 

Want to make your own Zongzi? We stock ingredients online, but also sell frozen Zongzi instore!

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