Lizzie Mabbott’s Ginger Salmon with Oyster Sauce and Broccoli

Serves 2

2 x 150g skinless salmon fillets
200g tenderstem broccoli
1 spring onion,
white and greens separated, whites julienned, greens finely sliced
4cm piece of ginger, peeled and julienned
Mixed grain rice, steamed (optional)

Sauce Mix:
2 Tbsp Lee Kum Kee Premium Oyster Sauce
1 Tbsp Shaoxing Rice Wine
½ tsp white pepper

1. Preheat the oven to 220°C/ 200°C fan/ gas mark 7.
2. Combine the Lee Kum Kee Premium Oyster Sauce, Shaoxing Rice Wine and white pepper in a bowl.
3. Lay the tenderstem broccoli on a piece of baking paper on a large baking tray and place the salmon fillet on top. Spread the Oyster Sauce mixture on the salmon, and top with the whites of the spring onion and the ginger.
4. Add 6 Tbsp of water around the tenderstem broccoli.
5. Fold the baking paper over and seal well, though loose enough, so there is space around the salmon.
6. Place the baking tray in the oven for 12 minutes, or 15 minutes if your salmon fillets are very thick.

To Serve:
Steamed mixed grain rice.