Loyalty Points

Yau Brothers Rewards Points is an online only promotion that rewards customers for their loyalty. Customers can recieve points for placing orders, buying specific products etc. Points earned during purchases are only credited to the account once the order is marked as "Complete". Customers need to have a registered account in order to use reward points.

Reward points can be earned for orders made from September 24, 2021 as this is when the point system was implemented.

You can find out how many points you have by logging into your account and choosing "Reward Points" from the left menu. 

Orders where discount codes are applied may not be eligible for earning points as there is a promotional discount applied

Please note that orders that have been refunded may show up as deductions.
Using Points
After selecting "Reward Points", you can see the page with your current reward points balance, as well as an explanation of reward point earning rules (which may change from time to time)

You can see the history under "Reward Points History", on this section you can see where you earned points and the reason that you earned them.

On product pages, you can see how many points you can earn for various products.

On the checkout page, you can see how many points you have, and can apply them to your cart balance by selecting "Apply Rewards" at the bottom of the page next to "Place Order" The discount you applied will be displayed in the totals section.