Yau Bros Festive Turkey Leftovers

Ingredients -


LKK crushed yellow bean sauce (1tbsp)

LKK Hoisin sauce (2tbsp)

Sugar (1tbsp)

Ginger and garlic (use to own taste), Fry slightly until golden with spring onion

Sesame Oil (1tsp) – add more to own liking for thickness

Potato starch (add at end to thicken to own liking)

Chilli (optional to own liking)

1 Cup of Water.



Dried black fungus strips

Shredded celery

Shredded carrot

Shredded onion



Spring Onion

Chilli (optional if you like it hotter)

Leftover turkey / chicken slices


  1. Slice meat into thick slices. Marinade with salt, pepper & sugar.
  2. Add eggs and a tbsp of potato starch separately and mix with meat. Leave to marinate for 10 minutes before pan frying meat.
  3. Prepare the sauce by mixing the ingredients together.
  4. Soak all the vegetables in boiling water and then drain the water so they are ready to use.
  5. Heat up your wok and fry the ginger, garlic and spring onion together and then turn off heat and add vegetables and turkey back to wok.
  6. Add sauce to wok to suit your personal taste. If you would like more flavour, add a tbsp of sesame oil.
  7. Serve and enjoy!

 Turkey Cooked