We Are Staying Open and Will Continue to Serve Customers Instore and Online

On the 4th of January (2021), it was announced that the UK is going into a lockdown , the third this year. 
During the last lockdowns there were instances of panic buying and retailers struggling to cope with increased demand whilst trying to keep everybody safe. 

We are fufilling orders as quickly as possible, however there may be some delays during busy times -rest assured we are here and sending orders out ASAP!

Here's What We're Doing

We're continuing to follow government guidance instore - including the requirement of face masks, offering handwashing facilities etc.

Online, we are expecting to see some increased demand. We do have limits on certain items (e.g. 10 kilo bags of rice) We will update this page with more information when needed.

For now, we will continue to make every effort to keep staff safe and to ensure that customers can buy what they need.

Some items will be limited by quantity e.g. only able to purchase two 10 kilo bags of  rice at a time etc.

We will make every effort to ensure that all orders will be processed ASAP and will continue running as we have done prior to the lockdown.